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(-n00b-) Server Rules, Information, and Guidelines


You can now see scrolling server rules. To enable server messages, if they're not already, open AA3, go into Settings>Interface and you will see a box in upper left called Message Box Layout. Make sure you have one of those drop downs set to Server Messages. Be sure to use 2 lines.

Heres our server rules:

Report server problems to
Be respectful in Teamspeak Please. 
NO Ghosting. No Exploiting 
No harrassment or disrespect towards anyone 
Do not recruit for your clan on our server
Inappropriate/Offensive names will not be tolerated.
Exploiters will be warned/kicked
Most Important Rule: HAVE FUN!!!

We are using Team Speak 3
Get it here:


Ghosting is when dead players give out enemy locations to players still alive.

1. Team dead Rules. When you die. Dont talk or keep comms to a bare minimum out of respect to players that are still alive and need to hear.

2. No Ghosting.

3. Treat other players with respect.

4. Join the proper team Channel that you are on ingame. If you cant switch channels, request switch from the SA.

5. Dont switch back and forth between channels to hear opposing teams communications. If you are caught doing this, you will be permanently banned.

6. When permitted, please register with server. Request registration from an SA that way you can switch channels on your own instead of an SA having to move you.

7. No Ghosting!!

Thanks for your understanding & have fun.


(-n00b-) Turbenator:
Since we're getting larger in squad size I'm just going to put out a reminder.

1. Join the proper channel in TS according to the team you are on. If you are unable to window out of game to switch channels, set up hot keys in ts  so you can swap channels using your keyboard.
2. If you are eliminated from battle and die, please do not chatter and distract the guys that are still alive.

(-n00b-) Turbenator:
Current custom settings:

1. Global chat off. Team Dead rules
2. Server side hit detection enabled
3. 3rd person view is enabled. (Spacebar)
4. No revives on headshot.


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