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Why am I banned?


(-n00b-) Turbenator:
We will ban you for using cheats or exploits.

We will ban you if we consider your soldiername to be offensive.

We will also ban you for idiocy. Want to play on our servers and act like a fool? We will gladly remove you permanently.

Respect our server rules. Respect all players. Respect our (-n00b-) squad members and you will have no problems. Act like an idiot......ruining game play for will be removed.

We do not ban too many people . Most of our bans are due to TKers or childish behavior.

We require proof of cheats , but if a group or single player takes over our server and empties it out, offenders will be removed. What choice do we have?

Sorry if some of you don't like this policy but its our server and we use it for people who want to have fun.

No hard feelings its just the way it is.  :PDT_Armataz_01_37:

THIS will cheer ya up!!

(-n00b-) Turbenator:
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