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Hey guys!  Last week I downloaded the new batman game and the computer didn't like it.  Started giving me windows code 43 then wouldn't recognize my gpu. Finally last night I got the blue screen of death.  Alienware is sending a replacement card and I should be back up by the end of this week. Then I leave on Sunday for Alaska and will be back on the 12 th.  take care all and will be back on asap. Your fellow N00b. Bird!

Have fun and be safe Bird !


yup, have fun and the batman games, are all though on video cards  :PDT_Armataz_01_37:

(-n00b-) Turbenator:
Have a safe trip bro

Gunny's in Ketchikan Alaska, if you're going to be anywhere near there maybe you should give him a holler.
"Alienware", isn't that just a high priced Dell with fancy decals now? You might get a better card on your own by shopping the big 3 ( Newegg, Tiger Direct, Amazon)


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