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New Insurgency Server


I decided to purchase another server for the squad to run a mostly vanilla version of Insurgency.
Most people seem to like and enjoy the Angry Bots mod but I do not. I do like the weapons mod part of it and I appreciate all the work and time Bones and Havok put into that server,
I just don't need the bots that cranked up.
Having a second server gives newer players somewhere to practice a bit rather than jumping right into the Angry Bots and also gives people somewhere to hang out when the main server is full.
Even though I don't think he's subscribed to the forum I would like to thank Wolverine for all his help getting the server playable. Bones helped initially so "thank you" Bones.
 It's still a work in progress and I've yet to figure out how to get custom maps to work but it is running the basic maps at this time.
The server info is:
Name; (-n00b-) Kickass Insurgency Server 2


Do people like the vanilla version server? Is it active?


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